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TreeCapitator Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

2 Marzo 2013 Con tag #minecraftdl.com, #minecraftdls.com, #minecraftmine.org, #minecraft-mods.org, #minecraft-forum.net, #minecraft

TreeCapitator Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

Treecapitator is a mod similar to the timber mod, which destroys all wood blocks in a tree if broken with any axe, having the same effect as the Thaumcraft Axe of the Stream. This mod makes wood farming extremely quick and easy. (Note: If chopping down the large jungle trees, only one of the base logs must be destroyed for the wood to fall. This also doesn’t work for mod trees eg. Greatwood trees, Silverwood trees and Rubber trees.) This will not work for logs that you or another player has placed, making it difficult to grief a log house even with this mod. It is recommended that you have magnet mode on in NEI, as logs can get stuck in rapidly decaying leaves and high in jungle trees, making them extremely hard to get to. However, please keep in mind that NEI’s cheat mode (magnet, spawn items, heal player, etc.) is usually banned on Multiplayer survival servers.


source: moddingcraft.com

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